PEMF Key to Health – A personal testimonial

Omnium 1.2 complete kit

After 4 serious car accidents in my life, and being hit from every angle by other drivers not paying attention, I have dealt with varying degrees of daily pain for more than 25 plus years. It had taken its toll on me and had slowly been depleting my ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Even doing something simple like 2 hrs of gardening one day, virtually immobilized me in pain for 5 days afterwards.

On the 5th day of this particular saga of pain, I was dealing with a 3 day migraine that did not quit, harsh low back pain that forced me to lean forward several inches more than usual, plus an aggravated nerve twinge in my left shoulder had been bothering me for more than 6 months. As well, my hips and spine were out of alignment which created sciatica issues that crippled my ability to walk, sit or get comfortable.  Even getting up or walking became more difficult to negotiate with the stiffness I was feeling in my everywhere.

DianeThankfully, I was invited to a FREE demo of the IMRS Omnium1 mat that evening by a friend and had the opportunity to enjoy an extended 45 minute session on the mat. Afterwards, I was able to stand completely erect for the first time in more than 6 years without pain. My hips and spine were aligned, the migraine, sciatica, low back, shoulder and leg pain was totally gone! I was elated and could not believe how great I felt after such a short time on this magic mat. I felt extremely energized, relaxed and best of all, I was experiencing no pain whatsoever, which for me was a welcome change.

At that very moment, I was totally sold on getting a mat for myself and I did not care what it cost, I wanted one. Anything that could make me feel that good in such a short amount of time, was a worthwhile investment for my health and wellness as far as I was concerned.

Once my own personal mat was delivered, I spent every day on it, and over the period of 4 weeks, virtually all the pain I had been dealing with for years became a distant memory. After 6 weeks on the mat, I felt as though I was de-aging, as my energy, productivity and aliveness was consistently rejuvenating my ability to do all the things I had been challenged with doing for years.

Although not everyone with chronic pain will have as fast a recovery as I did, the experience showed me what was possible, even for me, in a very short amount of time.

Once I learned more about the technology behind the Omnium1 PEMF mat, I got even more excited, as I understood the importance and simplicity of Mother Nature’s healing powers, which are built right into every mat. Even my cats feel the mats healing energy and are on it with me everytime it gets turned on.

In this day of wireless everything, everyone should own a PEMF mat so they stay healthy!  Feel blessed if you are ever invited to a free demo to try it for yourself.


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