Winter Bud ADAPT by Seven Sisters Herb Co.

Love your cells

Adapt works primarily on the mucosa of the digestive tract, lungs, and sinuses. The tonic, astringent, demulcent, nutritive, and emollient qualities of this fine grouping, feature elite herbals that easily seamlessly move through the mucus membranes of the body. Nourishing soothing, resolving, refreshing, and elasticizing flesh with food grade herbals. While also increasing microcirculation with a touch of warmth.


 As ADAPT formula glistens through digestive mucosa soothing, healing any ulcerated tissue, by improving the flora and fauna of the digestive tract. The villi are free to absorb nutrients and fluids; they also process stagnant food particles and metabolic waste out of the body. The soothing, demulcent, aperient, astringent, emollient, and anti-inflammatory qualities of adapt greatly facilitate bowel movements. Easing the movement of bolus and stool out of the digestive tract, allowing delicate tissue to function like well oiled machinery. 

Allowing ulcerated, hemorrhoidic, tissue the soothing, cooling nutrients needed for sweetening and regeneration of tissue. While providing a food grade, antitoxin, and antibacterial  environment through the digestive tract supporting healthy bacteria while not overstimulating digestion in a healthy functioning digestive tract.


I’ve found ADAPT to be a premium lung tonic. Demulsing, soothing, elasticising, nourishing and expectorating the lungs in a gentle yet thorough manner. You can taste the oils, fruits, roots, and leaves seeping through the mucosal linings of your lungs and sinuses. Ease of breathing and greater lung capacity are achieved, increasing immune potential and benefits the skin. 


A who’s who cast of primary adaptogens and secondary primary adaptogens, for gentle liver rejuvenation and detoxification. Wide spectrum food grade antimutagenic, antiviral, and antioxidant support. Benefits the eyes, tendons, and gallbladder.


ADAPT nourishes the root and supports healthy kidney function. Helping the body to eliminate toxins, while protecting delicate kidney ureter and bladder tissue. Employing herbs that support kidney essence, adrenal and pituitary / pineal function. Bones, marrow, and blood are benefitted


The herbs in ADAPT love the heart and circulatory system. Heart muscles are nourished and supported from the root. Rhythm improves. Blood pressure equalizes in the circulatory system. Nutrients supplied to veins and arteries support an elastic dynamic circulatory system able to adapt to a wide variety of loads placed on the heart and venous system. Be they mental, emotional or physical.

Blood Sugars

Helps regulate blood sugar, benefits the pancreas.

Usage of drops

Wildcrafted and organically sourced Triple Strength ADAPT 

Place ADAPT drops in mouth, savour flavour swish into gums, teeth, and oral tissue. Let it seep in and create saliva (the wine of immortality) and wash down your throat past the rugae of the tonsils, where ADAPTs plant extracts are analyzed in detail. This process of tasting your herbs creating saliva in the “first stomach” the mouth allows you to interact with what you’re putting inside yourself. If you can taste it you know if you want it when you want it and how much you want. This formula particularly creates saliva which is great. It’s good for your teeth, gums, the whole digestive tract responds favorably.

Topical use

Cottonwood buds cool, moisten, soothe the skin, and promote tissue repair. In a formula like ADAPT the process is enhanced. Used internally and externally the skin is benefited greatly. ADAPT soaks through skin to lubricate tendons. The lubrication of skin, tendons, and joints, is accompanied by nutritive tissue generation with anodyne (pain relieving qualities) and a broad spectrum antioxidant effect. Supplied by a gentle formula of elite herbs that love cells.

When cottonwood buds surround human flesh, a finger, a hand, a whole limb, or the whole body something happens everything gets better. The ability of cottonwood buds/devils club, to align, refresh, and cleanse the etheric body is truly one of nature’s finest gifts to itself.

Whole body use in nature encourages whole body alignment, helping to achieve healthy posture. Root and crown align sushumna (spine) refreshed stands tall and deep.

With this combination of effects limbs form a more cohesive whole,  much less prone to ripping, tearing or breaking. Chi increases, skin is less prone to oxidation, cell mutation, and achieves a healthier relationship to the sun. 

The resulting strength in a limb, hand, or finger from application of cottonwood buds is the “light” the oil carries. Its ability to modulate pain and support tissue to be more elastic or giving. Combine that with “light” strength with the ability to give and absorb trauma. 

ADAPT also warms wind, cold, and damp that can settle in tendons and joints causing stiffness and pain. Resulting in ease of movement. ADAPT roll on was formulated for application of all joints on the back of hands, supporting many functions of the body. The second application is to the belly, from below the navel to the sternum. Both will improve digestion and immune function. While the hands will benefit from the etheric refreshing. ADAPT is applied here to treat atmospheric conditions of wind, cold, and damp to treat arthritic conditions, blocking meridians and lines of polarity flowing through the many joints. Our application to the belly will help digestion while the consideration here can be understood to be oric cleansing in nature. Application to the upper neck and shoulders helps reduce tension. Applied to ankles and spleen 6 (accu point) also has many benefits. Knowing the basic uses allows creative application of ADAPT.

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