Travelling with your colon can be fun

Travelling with your colon can be fun

Summer time my most favourite time of the year is fast approaching and so is your long awaited summer holiday, maybe somewhere exotic or just hanging around in your beautiful city either way usually your daily routine changes. Now this is a good thing, doing different thing at different times, the actual travel whether flying or driving can be fun time, trying different foods, perhaps indulging a little too much (relax for a while you deserve it!) Enjoying the sunshine, perhaps a little too much wine and not enough water. All of these are what the holiday season is about but nothing wrecks a summer holiday than falling ill. Remember most of your immune system is in your gut so if not working at an optimal level then you may find yourself in not such a happy place. In Australia loads of Aussies in July (as it’s our winter) escape to Bali (your Hawaii) for a few weeks. A huge portion of them are sick there with gut upsets we call Bali Belly! Having had it believe me it is not like Bali a beautiful serene spiritual experience!!

Enjoy Every Moment

Your first line of defence against contracting any viruses or bacterial infections of the gut comes down to remembering always to wash your hands. Yes not a glamourous trick of the trade but a very effective one.

Then before you go off on holidays really think and be honest about where you are going (local or far flung place) what is the sanitation like, can you safely drink the water, can you rely on unpeeled fruits you eat to have been washed in clean water, can you be sure the food you consume will be freshly prepared and stored correctly? Usually you can never be totally 100% sure so your next line of defence is making sure your gut is strong before you leave for holidays. You don’t have to travel far to get a gut upset. For some like me a change in routine, foods is enough to unsettle it and you may find constipation is an issue. The dreaded bloating which makes you even feel worse about walking around in that bikini from last year. The very unpleasant flatulence which is a real problem when sharing close living quarters with family friends (done so you could save accommodation money!) or diarrhoea and that cheap hotel you found on trip advisor that in your review you will mention the very thin toilet paper and how not replenished daily in your room

So how best to prepare your gut?

  • Get it clean and functioning well before you set off. A series of colonics to really get your bowel free from existing issues such as stuck, obstructing the bowel lumen faecal matter, parasites, sluggish peristalsis all respond well to a colonic program and the additives Sue has available.
  • Really up your hydration level by ensuring you are well hydrated as that means your bowel also will be. So try to drink fluids preferably water maybe with some lemon in it ( sip through a straw to protect your teeth)
  • If not already start on a program of probiotics. Sue will recommend the right one for you as there is so many on the market and so many that actually are very poor in their ability to recolonise your bowel
  • While away take the probiotics with you and take the each day. Your bowel will only function if it has the right bacteria flora in it. This bacteria plays a vital role in keeping your gut and therefore your immune system well and at optimal level of functioning
  • Consider before you go and when you can at each meal eating some e fermented foods such as sauerkraut or kefir as these contain prebiotic compounds that help the good flora to grow and thrive in your gut
  • Eat drink and be merry but also be mindful every few days or ideally one meal a day make sure it is super nutritious so you can help support restore your body’s homeostasis.

Get plenty of rest and relaxation as we know you physical and mental health benefit from both and therefore so does your immune system

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