Support your Elimination

If you are constipated or have issues with elimination, a great way to help clear and detox your body is through cleansing. Spring and summer are the some of the best seasons to support the body with cleansing as it corresponds with the body’s natural cycles to let go of what’s not serving it.

The Harmonic Arts cleanse is an excellent additional way to support elimination as it helps to cleanse and nourish all the 5 elimination channels of the body. Those 5 channels are:

Colon – removes physical waste from the body and reabsorbs fluids and electrolytes
Liver – breaks down chemicals and produces bile that removes waste and supports digestion
Kidney – removes toxins and excess fluid from the body through the production of urine
Lungs – filters out carbon dioxide, fumes, mold, and other airborne toxins
Skin – excretes toxins and protects the body from bacteria, virus, and chemical toxins

Since all 5 channels are targeted, it is truly a whole body cleanse that helps to nurture the innate functioning of these detoxification systems.

The entire cleanse is gentle, highly bioavailable, and very accessible. There are 2 easy parts to the cleanse:

Step One – Cleansing

Benefits include:

  • Clears channels of elimination 
  • Improve digestive wellness – liver and kidney function
  • Eliminate toxins, metabolic waste, and heavy metals 
  • Strengthen immunity and builds long-term health 

Step Two – Rebuilding

Benefits include:

  • Supports Gut Health
  • Rebuilds the systems
  • Fortifies elimination channels
  • Restores whole body balance

After following the two parts, you’ll body will thank you for optimizing and revitalizing your elimination and overall well-being!

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