Spring is the perfect time for Lymphatic Cleansing

Spring is all about renewal and taking fresh starts. Our lymphatic system, an important part of our immunity, may have built up toxins and waste over the winter months. So now is an optimal time to refresh and cleanse our lymphatic systems to support detoxification and improve immune function. Using the unique Flowpresso suit can support you with this cleansing. The video above explains how this works.

Transcript: Flowpresso is the name of this breakthrough non-invasive natural lymphatic cleansing therapy. It is a unique combination of three therapies: compression, deep pressure, and thermodynamic heat. This combination releases toxins and puts the body into a rest and restore state. This is the only full body suit available covering the legs abdomen, arms, and torso for systemic therapeutic experience. There are 22 individual chambers that inflate according to your personal level of comfort. These inflate in a sequential cyclical pattern, which encourages lymphatic movement and fascial release. Once a member of the Afrina team helps you into the suit and programs that your individual needs, your session will begin. You will experience the warmth from the infrared heat and the squeezing sensation of a warm hug. Soft music, and an eye covering will help you to fully immerse into deep relaxation and restoration.

We invite you to try unique cleansing method in combination with your colon hydrotherapy session. You can now book a special back to back double session which starts with a 60 minute lymphatic cleansing session and is followed by a 60 minute colon hydrotherapy session. Now available only at Inner Garden Health’s North Vancouver location.

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