Drink Chamomile Tea before your next Colonic

Camomile Tea

There are many things that can impact the quality of your experience when having a colonic, including your diet, stress level, and whether or not you exercise (a toned body = a toned colon). However, in my estimation the biggest impediment to a productive and satisfying colonic is excessive gassiness.

Everyone produces gas during the digestive process. For the most part, this gas is removed via absorption out through the walls of our intestines. Unfortunately, when there’s an excessive amount of gas produced the muscle that is our colon begin to clench, trapping the gas in large bubbles that are forced to work their way out as burps or farts.

During a colonic, the presence of these gas bubbles often leads to a degree of discomfort, and possibly intermittent cramping. They can also impede the flow of water into and out of the colon, sometimes necessitating a mid-session toilet break and a less productive colonic.

Luckily, nature has a remedy. Chamomile is an herbal medicine that specifically works to reduce excessive intestinal gas. It is very effective at relaxing the walls of the colon, allowing the gas to be absorbed out of the gastrointestinal tract. This makes it an important ally in achieving a more comfortable and productive colonic.

So next time you make an appointment for a colonic, if you’re feeling bloated and/or gassy (or even if you’re not) trying drinking a strong cup of chamomile tea 2-4 hours prior to your appointment. Some additional tips: the medicinal ingredient is volatile, so steep it covered. Also, if you buy chamomile as a loose tea try to get the flower heads, which carry the bulk of the medicinal ingredient. If you have tea bags, use two to make it strong. And if you dislike the flavour of chamomile, add another tea bag of something you prefer.

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