Discover a more peaceful life with Embody Energetix

Just as the seasons of nature allow for change at various times of the year, we Also transition through various changes in our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing depending on how we are flowing with or resistant to our ever evolving environment.

If we have unresolved issues emotionally or mentally, eventually our physical body will show signs of neglect and struggle weighing down our entire internal eco system.

Releasing unresolved emotions liberates us from unnecessary energetic background noise. Having an experienced advisor to show you how to integrate and transcend those emotions can create a huge shift from internalized emotional, mental and physical pain to pleasure on all levels.

Anita Hafner, the founder of Embody Energetix Mastery System and Awaken Angelix, is an energetix advisor and facilitator for wellbeing.

Using her psychic abilities, Anita assists you in recognizing & embracing your unresolved emotions. You will learn how to redirect your attention to deliberately create your desired reality.

Energetix activations further assist in transmuting your various energy bodies of stagnant unresolved emotions, shifting limiting habits, behaviors and reactions.

She brings 30+ years of experience and training and offers single and multiple session packages to assist others in understanding how to heal themselves from Pain and experience Pleasure.

Book a free consultation to see how you can benefit from Anita’s experience and how Embody Energetix can assist you on your journey to a more peaceful life.


Anita Hafner
Energetix Advisor

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