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Sue Wilde

Sue Wilde

Inner Garden Health came together after a lengthy journey to discover ways to regain my health. I started my healing journey 22 years ago when I left Canadian Airlines unable to work due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My body shut down because of working long hours, excessive exercise and extreme dieting. I knew I had to change my life physically, mentally and spiritually.

The healing process began with yoga and recommended diet changes from a naturopath. My first experience with colonics was with an indian cleanse called Puncha Karma in Florida with Ayruvedic Drs. Rebirthing and a clearing process supported me mentally and spiritually. In 2000 Richard and I attended the Optimum Health Institute (O.H.I.) in San Diego. We learned how to prepare raw foods, grow wheatgrass, micro greens, and did a daily detox program drinking and implanting wheatgrass juice. We returned home feeling energized and years younger. We started Inner Garden Wheatgrass and Colon therapy in 2000. I have an Advanced Level  Colon Therapist Certification with I-ACT since 2004 and I am a member of NBCHT.

My passion is to share the knowledge I have experienced over 20 years to help clients enjoy abundant health. Using whole natural and living foods, fresh juices, herbs and Colon Hydrotherapy to detox, rebuild digestion and support the immune system with probiotics and fermented foods.

Susan Kinross

Susan Kinross

Susan became a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist in 2006. She is certified at the Advanced Level with the International Association of Colon Therapists (IACT) and board-certified with the National Board of Colon Hydrotherapy (NBCHT). Susan also has a diploma in Transpersonal Counselling Psychology from Clearmind International Institute. Since she was a teenager, Susan has faced her own disordered eating and digestive health challenges. After personally receiving immense benefit from colon hydrotherapy, she felt naturally drawn to enter the field and become a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist.

Susan’s career path has been in the sphere of health and healing for 30+ years – including colon hydrotherapy, detoxification, counselling, breathwork, emotional healing, biological dental, natural health and naturopathic clinics. She is passionate about the exploration and integration of the mind, body and spirit. Susan brings her vast experience, knowledge, competency and compassion into her work with her colon hydrotherapy clients at Inner Garden.

 Jennifer Marin

Jennifer Marin

With a background in Fitness and Nutrition, Jen has always had a fascination with different modalities and their abilities to promote beauty, health and wellness.

After struggling with her own disordered eating and digestive issues Jen felt the transformational effects of Colon Hydrotherapy and this led her to become a certified I ACT Colon Hydrotherapist. She feels strongly that coupled with nutritional improvements, regular colonics are paramount to achieving optimal health. She believes clearing out the garbage in a timely fashion so that our bodies remain free from toxic accumulation is a must. Jen’s mantra is your health is not a reflection of what you eat, but rather what you eliminate and undo.

Jen is excited to share her passion with her clients through safe and effective Colon Hydrotherapy at Inner Garden.



Millie is an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, a Certified Nutrition Practitioner, and Certified Advance Reflexologist.

She delved into Nutrition to find solutions for herself and her daughter and found that the connection to good health always starts with your gut.  Millie believes that a healthy lifestyle, good Nutrition, regular Exercise, regenerative Sleep, periodic detoxing (which includes Colon Hydrotherapy), and nourishing your microbiome is a very important factor in obtaining and retaining vibrant health.

Millie has a great love for the outdoors and its grounding effect, she loves hiking, swimming, canoeing and yoga. She also believes that practicing your spirituality of choice combines with all of the above to give a balanced, healthy existence on all levels.

She encourages everyone to take personal charge of their health, and to treat themselves to Colonics as part of their overall health routine.

Director’s Message

Sue is excellent!
“My first session was last winter and I felt very comfortable right away. Sue is such a lovely kind woman who cares deeply about her clients and their health. I recently had another session and, again, felt right at home. I look forward to coming to Inner Garden Health and have set the intention to do so a few times a year so I can continue to take care of my body. I would recommend Sue to every one of all ages, she really is a blessing! Thank you Sue :)”

Testimonial Chantal J
Chantal J

We love what we are doing and would enjoy discussing with you how colon therapy and living foods supports the body to cleanse and heal.

Best of Health,

Testimonial Sue Wilde
Sue Wilde
Inner Garden Health Owner