EXPERIENCE PEMF – No. 1 Healing Technology in the World today!

EXPERIENCE PEMF – No. 1 Healing Technology in the World today!


Everyone Welcome. Please contact Sue to be notified of our next evening or event and come out with friends to experience this amazing healing technology for yourselves! Gain awareness and understanding with our brief introduction to energy healing and why PEMF technology works so well. Everyone attendng will get to experience a free session on the PEMF mat.

MAY is the optimum time to purchase your personal Omnium1 PEMF mat, as you get the biggest package for the smallest price for a savings of $1356. (Complete Combo package for the price of the Basic package.) Every item in the Complete Combo package is a must have for your personal health and healing! Sue can help you walk through the purchase of your mat so it’s handled right.

DID YOU KNOW you can lay on a PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) mat and in only 8 minutes, your chakras and energy meridian channels will all be opened, your PH will be balanced and your spine will be aligned? Nutritionally it normally takes 2-3 months to balance PH with proper health and eating habits. Few people are aware of the incredible significance of these few simple features when it comes to understanding health and the science of energy healing and wellness.

PAIN INDICATES BLOCKED ENERGY and disease manifests because the body’s energy channels get blocked and/or the PH becomes imbalanced, thus compromising the immune system and the body’s ability to bounce back on its own. If the channels are blocked, pain cannot dissipate or leave, nor can new vital healing energy flow easily through the system. So even if you drink good water, eat all the right foods and have some kind of exercise or fitness routine, who cares…the immune system will not be able to process all your diligence at optimal levels.

Safe, easy and simple to use, the PEMF mat duplicates the natural healing energy waves of Mother Earth, directing and even amplifying them if desired, to heal many common health challenges. If you suffer from arthritis, insomnia, lack of energy, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, back or body pain, headaches, sciatica, spinal alignment issues, or are challenged with any other disease or health issues, the mat will greatly support your ability to heal yourself. Animals also love the PEMF mat and are very attracted to spending time on it themselves.

DID YOU KNOW that your body vibrates at minus 70 to minus 90 micro volts and our hearts at minus 120 mv? Yet the harmful EMFs from cell phones, wireless computers, smart meters, smart tv’s, microwaves and dirty electricity in general, are vibrating at plus 900 micro volts to plus 2000 mv? That means our bodies are being forced to vibrate 10x to 20x higher than is normal or safe, making thes radioactive dirty electical waves one of the most detrimental, unspoken of and yet one of the main reasons many people struggle with so many health issues these days. We are greatly influenced by the frequencies of energy that surround us, as the laws of energy cause everything to vibrate to the higher wave frequencies, whether they are healthy or not.

Your PEMF mat will clear out the dirty electricity in your body, home and office everytime it is turned on, thus making it a safe and pleasant space to enjoy. There is an abundance of independant information online about the technology behind the incredible healing that PEMF offers. Find out more at www.pemf.com or go to www.innergarden.omnium1.com and contact Sue Wilde to assist the process if you wish to purchase.

Inner Garden offers the PEMF mat healing technology with your colon hydrotherapy sessions and will soon offer PEMF mat sessions on their own.


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