Colon Hydrotherapy – After Care Instructions

There are many different reactions that may be experienced after a treatment. While some people will
feel energized with a renewed feeling of vitality, some could also feel cold, hungry, thirsty, or a little
tired. This can be considered normal as the colon has done a lot of work in a short period of time. If you
feel weak afterward, try having a cup of broth, electrolyte solution or herbal tea with honey to supply
minerals and increase blood sugar.
In order to be gentle on your digestive system, eat only clean and healthy vegan foods that are also easy
to digest for the following 24 hours after the colonic. Vegetables and fruits are better cooked or blended
rather that raw. Suggested foods include soups, stews, smoothies, fresh vegetable juices, avocadoes,
and any steamed, roasted or baked vegetables. Following these instructions plus drinking ample water
will also continue to hydrate your body after the colonic.
The regular pattern of bowel function may be interrupted and may cease temporarily after a treatment.
However, regular bowel habits will return once peristalsis is re-established through the movement of
food through the digestive track.
During the colonic, there is a rinsing out of some of the friendly bacteria as well as the toxic bacteria,
yeasts etc. It is important to take a supplemental probiotic after having colon hydrotherapy and
continue daily throughout the cores of treatments. This will replenish the good bacteria in order to
maintain the intestinal bacteria balance.
If bloating is experienced after a treatment, this may be the result of old stool and waste matter being
re-hydrated. Either quick succession of colonics with the addition of an herbal cleanse will speed up the
process of eliminating this condition. Drinking several cups of fresh ginger or fennel seed tea can be
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